Observations of a Husband/Dad/Math Geek/Writer/Soap Box Owner/Wine Lover

A quick visit to the shop…

Local green grocers through to behemoth superstores, separated only by the number of stock items they hold, present a list of fears. Toddler tantrums, despised chore for those seeking solace on the lush, green fairways of the local 18-hole establishment, or overcrowding during holiday season, a plethora of excuses, whims and pains grab the jugular of those either brave, coerced, or bored enough to cross their threshold.

Parks, full of endless enjoyment for all, serve a multitude of purposes. Jungle gyms, climbing frames, slides, swings and an assortment of wonder hold a joyous play area for the young. Sports pitchers host the dreams, excitement, and sorrows of teenagers aspiring to professional sporting careers, and lest we forget serving as the last bastion of hope for the Sunday morning pub league participants, whilst the lawns, and footways offer an opportunity for both fitness fanatics striving for their next heroic effort, or a place to walk amongst nature. Shedding a green light in cities, and focal points for small villages, the humble park serves everyone equally.

Home, defined by where the heart is, apparently. An Englishman’s castle, and many a phrase may describe the safety and solitude one’s own four walls provide. A fortress to the greater world, a retreat that serves as protector and offers privacy in one, the humble home wears many hats, and serves a multitude of purposes beyond the obvious construction based one.

Shopping, rest and relaxation, and the modest palace: a simple triangular consortium. Bermuda triangle, secrets and conspiracies, this modest triumvirate, on the surface at least, offers three-pointers that provide little challenge for most. In isolation, combination, or to encompass all three barely provide drama, or newsworthy events. Roll in Lady A and the game changes. Lucky reads not from a script, nor obeys the common rule of the land like many a subject. His preference would appear more spontaneous than routine or conformism.

Simplistic in the extreme, strategy redundant in every possible way, a straightforward visit to the local grocery store and return to castle home appears an easy sequence of events to most. To exit, leave, depart, et cetera from home sanctuary an unassuming task; collect items required for journey and move forwards through a door that opens onto the world. Task number two: enter shop, select forbidden desires or obey the list, purchase chosen goods and depart. Mission completed. Navigate homewards.

Rules. Lucky, either rebel without a cause or unstructured, impulsive being plays by his own rules. Initially, only coercion, down right lying or pleading facilitates Lucky’s exit from home and leaving the might of Teletubby land behind for another day. A noticeable lack of attire to protect his feet is of only minor concern as we tread the concrete path and its hidden gems on towards the store. Next sheer brilliance as Lucky demonstrates to all astonished fellow shoppers the wonders that aisles play in a decent game of hide-and-seek. Finally, one torturous time later, pleasantries and financial contracts exchanged and fulfilled, the exit beckons, and all seems under control.

Only when the thought of home enters your mind does Lucky play his full hand. A skilful and conniving composition, holding the aces closest to his chest, leading the participants a merry dance of unsuspecting bluff. Pythagoras himself marvels at the simplicity and skill with which Lucky completes the triangular relationship: grocery store and chez maison could never sleep if Mister Park were to remain omitted from the equation. Left to home, but right to park. Left has left the building; exited the vocabulary. Need he explain this? Confusion dominates his face as each grunt, yell, scream and motion offers the explanation any fool must surely comprehend. Right and park it must surely be. Why a diversion to park had not featured on my plans is clearly inexplicable to him. Oh what a fool must I be? Quick visit to the shop? Certainly. So long as the park visit is always on the agenda.

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