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What is good about Autism

More thoughts to ponder, more questions to leave and less answers to remove perhaps, but in short, what a weird question, right?

What is good about Autism? Forthright, unapologetically, and a few chosen words that dare not grace the screen before curfew time, not a lot, right?

The Bigger Picture is the favourite phrase of wisdom and patronisation. Although a subtle difference persists – those who carry the burden and joy of wisdom never mention the topic whereas the experts of this world throw the phrase around it with gay abandon. Where does, or should, the Autistic child fit in The bigger Picture?

Empathy: a giant of a word. Perhaps the all the world really needs is a massive spoonful of empathy. Boom! More problems disappear than we ever thought possible. What a shot of Autism grants the world, and far from isolation one must add, is a chance to a better world. A better existence. Lady A may not take all the credit. Many debilitating illness offers the same salvation, eye-opening experience. Anything that humbles us essentially makes us realise how fragile not only we are but our existence is. With no basis for comparison in our household, we only have Lady A upon which to base our thoughts and opinions.

What good arises from Lucky’s struggles? Empathy. Empathy not to him, for he needs more our strength, guile, resilience, and tenacity, but empathy towards his siblings and others. Autism teaches us (albeit in a cruel and non-obvious methodology at first glimpse) how to treat others. And to treat others better.

Lucky is our child, our offspring, and we would and will love him always, unconditionally. What his humility teaches us every day is how to treat everyone else a little better. Now, Autism, for all its challenges and some would say evils, we are eternally grateful.

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