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Genetics Remind Me of Republics

DNA.  The building block of all life as we know it.  So many traits and idiosyncrasies passed from generation-to-generation.  Science appears to have revealed the innermost secrets of life.  A miracle of modern times whose discovery reaches beyond the scientific community alone.

Royalty, or myth, to give another name to a contentious subject to so many throughout the world.  Presidents and prime ministers elected by democratic vote, remain answerable to the masses.  Kings and Queens conversely, sit atop of their ‘subjects’, untouchable to all.  One might conclude the Magna Carta’s greatest influence was to simply remove their significance in modern society.  Blue blood exists only in fiction and those of a chosen, common political persuasion some might argue.  Red fluid runs freely in every human: regal or commoner.

Apologies to focus upon one individual, but Princess Charlotte is most definitely, as her titles suggests, not one of Cambridge, nor one of royal nature.  Lest we forget where the lineage actually stems from.  Royal baby?  No, just baby.  Just as adorable and loved as any other miracle.

What origins of the family Windsor we refer to as the Royal Family?  Descendants of power crazed individuals from history, who happened to have access to more money and resources than most.  This, coupled with an insatiable appetite for power and destruction, provided their ability to take control and ‘rule’.  Genetics form our make-up, who we are.  Given such abhorrent behavioural patterns existed in their ancestors, and our firm belief in DNA and science in general, I doubt such mannerisms have been quashed by the years of passage.

Bow or curtesy to descendants of megalomaniacs?  No thank you.  Tourist attractions and highlighters of charitable causes maybe, but as for royal family, let the republics reign in freedom, under democracy.  I would rather the blacksmith’s family for example, steeped in hard work, honour and craftsmanship, gave the next opening of parliament.

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