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George Bush’s Fear Mantra for Autistic Election

Sorry Georgie and Tony but I like many, have real problems to contend with. That is, not party members swindling public funds, allegedly, nor utilising every ounce of energy to further one’s own agenda as opposed to serving the electorate. Lest we forget going to war illegally and conveniently avoiding jail, to boot. Not sure Tony had a Daddy’s agenda but self-importance is an undervalued trait of Prime Minister these days.

Fear a labour government. Fear a Tory one. Sorry, but we have a wonderfully, brilliant Autistic son, and our first thoughts are when he might start engaging in conversation, or speech in general, or stop wearing nappies. Fearing Davie or Ed in Downing Street does not grab my attention. Moreover, it simply reminds me of a political joke, of a grand scale, from across the pond, who somehow, unbelievably, managed to hold office for eight years!

To impress, or to influence my vote, tell me something you might actually do. In addition, perhaps, actually follow throw instead of performing the usual play, lines well-rehearsed and played out to perfection by each successive government.

Even if real problems were silenced from my life, and I could focus on the drivel that passes your lips, the fear tactic would still bore me to death. Just working makes me too tired to take any interest, let alone real problems we face every day.

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