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Who are the real racists of the election current election campaign? Who promotes political ideals, as opposed to discriminatory policies? Who speaks a modicum of common sense, and who panders for the easy votes?

Foreign wife, foreign children: all non-EU citizens. British born and bred I am someone who Davie C and colleagues like to discriminate against. Implementers of the rule changes of July 2012 for immigration, we as a family felt the force of their actions. The details are incidental but anyone who is an honest, hardworking minimum wage earning pillar of society should beware. Never marry a non-EU spouse because you will never meet the current financial requirements to earn a visa required for entry.

Not championing UKIP nor any other political joke (the jokes are great but sometimes they are elected – not olden, rather golden!), but one votes based upon the issues important to oneself and one’s family and friends.

Nigel and troops may not be steeped in political history, nor possess the experience of current incumbents or would be dwellers, but if they at least only discriminate against every non-British person perhaps they might just put the British citizen first. As to further abilities such as managing the economy, that is another story! Perhaps the reason UKIP has such a voice is because Davie, Eddie, and Nicky provide the perfect platform by discriminating against British citizens like me, and every other hardworking Brit.

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