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Apple versus Samsung

Arguments and differences of opinion fill the pages of history. Never has humankind stood in complete unison. Nowhere is this more prevalent than where the human element becomes involved in the decision making process. From fine wine through to abstract art where no natural barometer exists, humankind simply likes to argue amongst itself.

Unlike the world of sport, where to a point, a deserving winner always takes the plaudits (forgetting controversy of course, and accusations of cheating), art and everything else beyond the borders has no simple declared victor. Not that is stops those of a strong opinion believing themselves to be the rightful awarders of such glory. He who seeks, against he that is so damn sure of everything. Intelligence versus the idiot to put it bluntly.

Raging on with no foreseeable end, the battle for supremacy of the mobile world is no different. Smart phones apparently, but to the rest and sundry another ridiculous marketing gimmick. What separates the two main antagonists though? The two titans (forgetting of course for a moment Google who produce the operating system for Samsung and co.) sway back and forth slugging it out with supporters for both sides.

For me, the answer is simple enough. Monolithic versus hybrid kernel models aside; one could argue technical details all day long and bore the pants of all but the hardened techie. The answer lies not within the myriad of facts and figures spun by both sets of supporters, but much closer to home. Like a fine wine, Picasso or Monet, Mozart or Schubert, judge and juror is simply the human spirit. That intangible sorcery that no salesperson nor marketing genius can ever describe nor quantify. Those fortunate to understand just ‘get it’, and those who throw figures of RAM and such forth never will.

The masses are rarely wrong, and history demonstrates repeatedly, simplicity is the common factor to all that succeeds. Modern day Football Association through to the utter enduring brilliance of the wheel we find simplicity at its best. Apple understands this, I appreciate this, and for that, I remain eternally grateful.

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