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Pointless Industries of IT

Capitalism spawns entrepreneurs at a rapid rate. Ever eager to generate money under the inviting economic system such a political persuasion offers they appear from every orifice. Information Technology remains an infant industry that provides opportunities at a seemingly unsustainable rate for those who seek wealth. Some good, and some not so good.

Email archiving is one area of enormous growth that appeared after the advent of electronic mail in the office place. Examining in detail, what exactly, does this service provide? The collection and storage of your messages of course. For what purpose however? Who knows?! At what point did it become necessary to record every snippet of communication between two or more entities in the workplace? When did we ever record all paper and vocal communications, which is what the archiving service provides? Never. There was never ever reason to do so, except for the recording and storage of communications that actually held some value. Minutes of a meeting spring to mind, but sadly not, the enjoyment factor of the previous night’s television. Possibly, the only reason to record every single email is to use as leverage, and blackmail at a later date – traits not becoming a person worthy of consideration.

Failover and high availability is another wonderful industry, specific to IT geeks and money makers. Surveying my kitchen I, rather understandably, do not own two dishwashers (washing machines, and every other appliance you could substitute for here) and happily rely on the one purchased to perform the duty for which I purchased it for. Should the poor appliance become overworked and seek a little rest time, my failover is simply washing the dishes by hand. Another classic example is the car. Do we have one on hot or cold (more useless IT terminology) standby in the garage in case our old faithful decides a trip to the garage is necessary? Unfortunately, most of us, should an accident or mechanical favour bestow us, resort to alternative means of transport. IT failures causing glitches in the banking system – that is why banks have branches, and telephone services.

Humanity has survived centuries (yet grown and developed) without pointless technology, and I am certain, survive another millennia without either email archiving or a failover, high availability, disaster recovery set-up.

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