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Why Dads Wear Pyjamas

Why Dads Wear Pyjamas



what I liked about this book is that it was informative, but lighthearted at the same time, and the author does not come across as some arrogant know-it-all that so many of these types of books seem to attract. Instead he merely comments (wittily, dryly, and seriously) on being a father in an engaging way that broadens our perspectives and provides a handy guide for surviving parenthood. As the mother of a youngin’, I could relate to so many things that Mr. Roberts writes about. – Kaylee (Barnes & Noble)

Hats off to the author for making such entertaining and sometimes profound observations about the challenges and joys of fatherhood, and presenting in a highly readable and engaging manner. Would make a great “coffee-table” type book.

The sign of a good writer is when he (or she) can make almost any event or experience relatable to others, even in the most unrelatable circumstances. The author’s and mines lives couldn’t be more different, yet I felt like he was speaking directly to (and for) me, and I could appreciate his candor and insight. A delight. – Nicole (Goodreads)

“I found the book is an absolute delight. The relaxed style keeps you engaged and chuckling from the first chapter “Hot Drinks/Cold Drinks” straight on through to the end. Each chapter is informative, humorous and to the point. The chapter “Grandparents” was laugh out loud funny, because it’s true! Everything a new parent wants to know is covered from breast feeding to how to handle unwanted advice in a very entertaining way.”

“Overall I found it fun to see the experience of childbirth and parenting from Daddy’s point of view and I highly recommend “Why Dad’s Wear Pyjamas” to all new parents as well as the not so new. This is a book all parents will truly enjoy.”Read the full review on Element Healing’s Site.

This book reminds me of a very exhausting, but special time in my life with my small babies, but the book certainly reminds me of the humor behind all the seriousness of parenthood. I really enjoyed it, but I do think it would make an excellent Fathers Day or New Dad gift!!! – Amazon customer

I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this book… was it some sort of ‘self-help’ book? A humor book? Advice on parenthood? Actually it was none of those things, yet in a way its all of them… along with reflections and lessons the author has learned and imparts in a very congenial and readable manner. 

 Recommend for parents and non-parents alike. – Stacey (Goodreads)

In Why Dads Wear Pyjamas … A Dad’s Perspective on Parenthood, parent, author and blogger Craig Roberts captures the dichotomy with self-effacing humor and shared understandings of parenthood which, while known culturally or even intellectually, are not driven home until parenthood actually happens. – Autism Mom, Elizabeth (Autism-Mom.com)


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