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Protect Your Password

Why employ people if you do not trust them?  A simple question often muted, and grappled with constantly.  Where do the boundaries stop, and more importantly, where do they start?  Reward and compensation for services provided is a simple enough equation.  Company expansion necessitates the hiring of new staff.  Then why, oh why, bother going through the schlep of recruiting new members to the expanding team if trust remains firmly outside the scope?

Fear was once the sole pursuit of government; keep them scared, offer protection from the unknown (often the imagination with no basis for reality) and votes will walk in through the door.  Misguided of course, but never has common sense interfered with a politicians thought process.  Nowadays the idiocracy has spread to the commercial sector with alarming regularity.  Signage, hung without apology, states clearly to protect your password and share with no one.  What is the actual message conveyed?  Don’t trust your colleagues!

Suspect everyone, trust no one, and be afraid.  Be very afraid.  Your password apparently more important then your child’s life.  Where will it stop?  Staff separated entirely, segregated to an illusion that the employee is hiree number two, second only to the visual boss above them?

Anything worse than encouraging your staff to suspect all of their colleagues of industrial espionage?  Yes, signs hung around the office informing them that their hard, daily toil is for the benefit of the best company in the world to work for!

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  1. There are unity in my ex-company. All employee trust each other and even help each other to withdraw salary 😉 I love the unity though there are disagreements.

  2. Thank you to follow my blog and like my poetry. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

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