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Special Needs and Legal Entitlement: Light Reading Material

April 15, 2016

My first book review since English literature lessons at school is hereby presented before you.  Fortunately, from my perspective at least, any red pen marks will remain purely implied rather than indelibly scrolled across my scribblings.  Feedback may praise or cast folly over my work but at least this time my words may ultimately help… Read More ›

Are Bullies Allowed? No ABA for Lucky Monster Today Sir, Thank You!

We all love a little common sense. Quick to judge and point out the errors of another’s ways, resorting to the ‘common sense’ mantra. Sometimes the argument is petty, the viewpoint simplistic to the point of folly, but no matter, humans have never been one to shy away from offering their humble opinion to all… Read More ›

Diagnosis, Treatment, & Cure Mr NHS

Three words: diagnosis, treatment, and cure. Associated with the medical industry predominantly. Identify the problem, conclude the reason, and venture down a path of action, hopefully to a cure. Autism fits nicely into the first two terms but falls agonisingly short of the final stage. However, let us not fool ourselves that a course of… Read More ›

Good Days & Bad Days & Outright Selfishness

Time. A precious commodity so rarely valued until it is gone. Give it back to me please a familiar cry when the opportunity went undervalued, underutilised, or simply ignored. Stops for no man in deed, once lost forever gone. Perhaps captured for posterity by photo or video but never repeated. Capitalism, socialism, and every political… Read More ›

What is good about Autism

More thoughts to ponder, more questions to leave and less answers to remove perhaps, but in short, what a weird question, right? What is good about Autism? Forthright, unapologetically, and a few chosen words that dare not grace the screen before curfew time, not a lot, right? The Bigger Picture is the favourite phrase of… Read More ›

A quick visit to the shop…

Local green grocers through to behemoth superstores, separated only by the number of stock items they hold, present a list of fears. Toddler tantrums, despised chore for those seeking solace on the lush, green fairways of the local 18-hole establishment, or overcrowding during holiday season, a plethora of excuses, whims and pains grab the jugular… Read More ›

We called him Lucky

Naming a child is a privilege. Apparently, judging by some of the choices taken, not a privilege deserving of the greatest consideration and respect in all circumstances. Contemplation not misplaced when presented with ‘Fish ‘n’ Chips’, and ‘ABCD’, to quote some examples worthy of further ponder. When a tiny mess of calmness, and a carefully… Read More ›

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