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Dad’s Biggest Fear

April 17, 2016

Fear is an emotion and not, as we all readily appreciate, one that falls into the pleasant category.  Causing unease, tension and knots in one’s stomach, fear is not something most rational human beings seek out.  The exact opposite applies and most people, consciously or not, ensure their daily lives are not interrupted by this… Read More ›

Special Needs and Legal Entitlement: Light Reading Material

My first book review since English literature lessons at school is hereby presented before you.  Fortunately, from my perspective at least, any red pen marks will remain purely implied rather than indelibly scrolled across my scribblings.  Feedback may praise or cast folly over my work but at least this time my words may ultimately help… Read More ›

I know you, I made you

Written for my beautiful wife… Dedicated to amazing mothers everywhere…   Together we grew, together we learnt, Shielding you, nurturing you, feeding you, Every shimmer, every thought, I felt you, We were one before I knew you, I know you, I made you.   Wrinkles, tears, cries, and smiles, Touch, and sense, fingers search, Fall… Read More ›

Socialise My Child!

Communication never really damages a situation. Quite the opposite most evidence would suggest. As children, we first learn to communicate from our parents, and possibly siblings. Evolving, each one of us learns to interact with a variety of different people in a plethora of situations. Transitioning from utter dependency and small confines to ultimately, the… Read More ›

Are Bullies Allowed? No ABA for Lucky Monster Today Sir, Thank You!

We all love a little common sense. Quick to judge and point out the errors of another’s ways, resorting to the ‘common sense’ mantra. Sometimes the argument is petty, the viewpoint simplistic to the point of folly, but no matter, humans have never been one to shy away from offering their humble opinion to all… Read More ›

George Bush’s Fear Mantra for Autistic Election

Sorry Georgie and Tony but I like many, have real problems to contend with. That is, not party members swindling public funds, allegedly, nor utilising every ounce of energy to further one’s own agenda as opposed to serving the electorate. Lest we forget going to war illegally and conveniently avoiding jail, to boot. Not sure… Read More ›

Diagnosis, Treatment, & Cure Mr NHS

Three words: diagnosis, treatment, and cure. Associated with the medical industry predominantly. Identify the problem, conclude the reason, and venture down a path of action, hopefully to a cure. Autism fits nicely into the first two terms but falls agonisingly short of the final stage. However, let us not fool ourselves that a course of… Read More ›

Sick Baby Magnets

Minor child ailments and complaints never used to concern you too much. The odd snivel here and there was not your greatest concern and all you hoped was that should you be taking a flight or train journey the worst-case scenario was the coughing, spluttering child preventing you from sleeping. This all changes when you… Read More ›

Dealing With Parent Competition

Virtually every new parent goes through a myriad of emotions as the life-changing event that is children unfolds. These emotions range from ecstasy to unbelievable tiredness. One such emotion that develops over time is pride: you witness miracles every day as the little joy of your life first sits and then begins to explore, all… Read More ›

Hot drinks/Cold drinks

In days gone by—the days I like to refer to as BC (Before Children)—a hot drink was a simple matter, easily prepared and quaffed at leisure. Whether it was Columbian roast or the more subtle undertones of Darjeeling, little fuss surrounded the enjoyment of your preferred hot tipple. What is more, chances are that the… Read More ›

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