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Why dads are not embarressed by their children

At some juncture, your adoring, lovely, cute baby turns into a snarling, high-strung, tantrum-infested toddler. There are no actual reasons for this, although the contention of many is that it is the ‘terrible twos.’ Where patience once trod, frustration takes hold, and requests for obedience are now met every step of the way with non-civil… Read More ›

Why dads wear pyjamas

The chances are that you almost certainly do not remember your first pair of pyjamas. Perhaps subsequent pairs, adorned with your favourite cartoon character or superhero, ignite a spark in your memory, but this is undoubtedly not the case with your very first set. It is most likely that your parents or grandparents purchased your… Read More ›


Lovely people your parents. In fact, up until the age of about ten, it is likely that you held the belief that your dad was invincible, the strongest man in the world and the inventor of all things you viewed as cool. He was ably assisted by your mum, who knew pretty much everything you… Read More ›

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