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George Bush’s Fear Mantra for Autistic Election

May 6, 2015

Sorry Georgie and Tony but I like many, have real problems to contend with. That is, not party members swindling public funds, allegedly, nor utilising every ounce of energy to further one’s own agenda as opposed to serving the electorate. Lest we forget going to war illegally and conveniently avoiding jail, to boot. Not sure… Read More ›


Who are the real racists of the election current election campaign? Who promotes political ideals, as opposed to discriminatory policies? Who speaks a modicum of common sense, and who panders for the easy votes? Foreign wife, foreign children: all non-EU citizens. British born and bred I am someone who Davie C and colleagues like to… Read More ›

Genetics Remind Me of Republics

DNA.  The building block of all life as we know it.  So many traits and idiosyncrasies passed from generation-to-generation.  Science appears to have revealed the innermost secrets of life.  A miracle of modern times whose discovery reaches beyond the scientific community alone. Royalty, or myth, to give another name to a contentious subject to so… Read More ›

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