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Foxhunting Twits Resurface Now Blair and co Appear Forgotten.

Barbaric, inhumane and completely unnecessary. The world of foxhunting is firmly back on the agenda of government scum it appears. Please let one more dimwit tell me that foxhunting is required to cull the number of foxes in the countryside. I say please, because I love a good conversation with stupid people! The Anno Domini… Read More ›


Who are the real racists of the election current election campaign? Who promotes political ideals, as opposed to discriminatory policies? Who speaks a modicum of common sense, and who panders for the easy votes? Foreign wife, foreign children: all non-EU citizens. British born and bred I am someone who Davie C and colleagues like to… Read More ›

Genetics Remind Me of Republics

DNA.  The building block of all life as we know it.  So many traits and idiosyncrasies passed from generation-to-generation.  Science appears to have revealed the innermost secrets of life.  A miracle of modern times whose discovery reaches beyond the scientific community alone. Royalty, or myth, to give another name to a contentious subject to so… Read More ›

Restaurants Confuse People, Honest

A night out. A break from home cooking. A chance to indulge. Visiting a restaurant is a great way to spend a lunch or evening. Fine food and perhaps a splash of the preferred tipple to boot. New ventures, or old favourites, dining out remains a pleasant experience most of time. Reading, writing, speaking, and… Read More ›

Scrum, Agile, Extreme, Blah, Blah, Blah, Software Development

For those unfamiliar with the preceding terms, they all, bar the blah of course, relate to software development techniques. One can add some of their predecessors such as Rapid Application Development for example. Cynically, all terms to represent how the wonderful protagonists of IT have overtaken their respective compatriots in the world of engineering. Maybe,… Read More ›

Financial Penalties

Please, oh please dear Lord (and I speak as an agnostic with no decisive religious or scientific beliefs) let the incumbents of government learn a lesson from history. Those who do not learn from the mistakes of history are destined to repeat them. Then, why, oh why, do they never learn? Parents receive the greatest… Read More ›

Flying Endangers Mental Wellbeing

Flying and your mental wellbeing appear unsuitable partners.  Something strange happens whenever there is an aeroplane involved. Problems begin to manifest themselves long before one even steps afoot those magnificent, physics defying, flying wonders.  Arrivals and departures are two familiar words. Decorating an impressively large signage in and around airports, they contribute to all that confuses… Read More ›

Lessons Learnt Thanks to Clarkson

The media circus that has consumed an admirable amount of time and effort may have finally come to an end, and with it, Clarkson’s exit from the BBC. However, amongst the elongated exit process we learnt a few valuable lessons. Democracy. Powerful and emotive. Something we treasure and hold very dear. Another general election is… Read More ›

Urgent Email

Electronic mail, or email to use its abbreviated and more common name, arose from seemingly nowhere and spread with an intense pace.  Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and others became regular jargon, even entering established dictionaries, and billions of electronic messages traversed the world every day. As with all great ideas that start small and spread quickly the… Read More ›

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